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Love The Aston Martin Vantage? It Just Got Better

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That's one way to celebrate an anniversary.

The Vantage might not be Aston Martin's most powerful model, but it is (arguably if not empirically) the sportiest in a range of mostly grand tourers. That's why Aston races it. And it's driving the point home with some new features for its nimblest model.

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of its first (and as yet only) outright Le Mans win, the British automaker has introduced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend the Vantage Heritage Racing editions. And with it, the limited edition brings both a choice of liveries and a new aero kit.

Front and center is the Next Generation edition that borrows its lime, dark-green, and orange color scheme from the current Vantage GTE. There's also the Le Mans Winner edition wearing the baby-blue and orange Gulf livery from the DBR9 that took class wins in 2007 and 2008.

The Group C Monster edition celebrates the AMR1 of 1989 in white, blue, and red. The David Brown Era edition is inspired by the DB3S in dark green with yellow. The Italian Projettista edition in deep red celebrates the pre-war 1935 Ulster. And the Record Breaker edition is decked out in silver with green to recall the Razor Blade from Brooklands in 1923.

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All six come from the Q by Aston Martin customization division, and only 60 will be made – though not necessarily 10 of each, as the color schemes will be the customers' choice. Each also gets a set of lightweight wheels, the (otherwise optional) sports-plus pack, and carbon-fiber interior trim. But there's more.

The limited editions also introduce a new aero kit, complete with front-splitter, rear wing, and dive planes made from carbon fiber to generate 428 pounds of downforce (at 190 mph). And that package is now available on all Vantages, with or without the throwback livery.