Hill Climb

LoveFab Enviate NSX Heading to Pikes Peak

Michigan garage packs a twin-turbo V8 into what used to be an Acura NSX and prepares it for Pikes Peak.

Last summer, Michigan-based tuner LoveFab hit the Unlimited class at Pikes Peak with a modified Acura NSX. They crashed on the second day, sending the navigator to the hospital and the car to the garage. But they pulled it together and took second place. This year LoveFab is determined to make an even better go of it. They released images and initial details of the prototype they’ve been working on back in July, but have now released the final design.

LoveFab stripped the NSX down until all that remained were the subframes and suspension. Garrett supplies the turbochargers to boost the LS1 V8 up to around 850 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque. The bodywork is all carbon fiber, and the whole thing weighs less than 2,000 lbs. Check it out in the video below.

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