LoveFab's Monstrous Pikes Peak NSX

If you thought a stock NSX was cool, check out what LoveFab has in store for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb this year.

Hillclimbs can made for some exciting racing, and Pikes Peak is the king of them all. Every year an array of racing teams and automakers make insane racing beasts specifically for the event, and this is the latest. Commissioned by HRE Wheels for this year's 90th running of the event, this monstrous Acura NSX was built by the Michigan-based tuners at LoveFab. Cody Loveland's custom NSX hillclimber packs an 850-horsepower twin-turbo V6 mounted between the red HRE C96S wheels.

The NSX Pikes Peak racer is currently undergoing a rigorous testing schedule ahead of the event, which was postponed by wildfires and is now back on track for August 12. Until then, you can check out some footage from this past weekend below.

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