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Luciano Rupolo Enjoys Retirement

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Some people play golf when they retire. Some move to Florida. Luciano Rupolo restores classic sportscars.

Last month we brought you a preview video which Italian lifestyle publication Locals Magazine was producing on Luciano Rupolo. Now it has released the full documentary, and we have to say it's one of the most artfully-shot and stylishly-produced short films we've ever seen. A retired mechanic, Rupolo has committed his life to assembling, restoring, maintaining and enjoying some of the most exquisite classic cars ever to roam the earth. His collection includes a Bizzarrini, several classic Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and Corvettes, and what's said to be the oldest Porsche in existence.

The Porsche 356/2 bearing chassis number 004 was a labor of love for Rupolo, but he doesn't just collect these cars to gather dust or restore them to flip. He drives them like they were meant to be driven. And we can think of few better ways to enjoy retirement.

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