Lucid Air Paint Is Too Thin To Polish

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If you send your Lucid Air to a detailer, ensure you use a reputable detailer that won't damage your car.

According to the experience of the Out of Spec Detailing team on YouTube, the Lucid Air comes with paint that is far too thin to polish. Or at least, the example it was sent does.

When polishing a car, the polishing pad and the abrasive polish work together to create friction that will remove the uppermost layer of paint from the vehicle, which is where you see the swirls and scratches. But as any good detailer will tell you, it's essential to check the thickness of the paint using a paint thickness gauge before commencing with any polishing, or you could burn right through the paint.

In this case, the Lucid Air would have needed to be resprayed had the detailer started polishing the car before checking the thickness of the paint.

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This example is a brand-new model that the owner sent to the detailer from the factory, and it was delivered with buffer haze, swirls, and even some leftover polishing compound. What's worse is that, as a black car, the paint defects show through even more clearly, but even the silver-painted areas, including the roof, have very little paint.

The Lucid Air is one of the greenest electric cars on sale in America, but it's also one of the most expensive sedans out there. Yet the presenter notes that this car has one of the lowest paint thickness readings of any new car he's ever come across, with some areas as thin as 2,240 microns, or 2.24 millimeters.

Most of the cars he's worked on that are considered flawed have a thickness of 3-4 mm.

Out of Spec Detailing/YouTube

Is this a paint problem here? Did Lucid polish the car too heavily before delivering it? Is the quality of the paint too low? Or is this an intentional decision to minimize how much the paint contributes to the car's carbon emissions?

Whatever the reason, you clearly can't perfect the paint using traditional methods, which is why the detailer has recommended either wrapping the car in vinyl or covering it in paint protection film (PPF). Those are the only options, as ceramic coating requires a clean, smooth, and refined paint finish, or it highlights imperfections and effectively bakes them in.

Thankfully, the PPF seems to work, with the film helping to prevent the extreme diffusing of the light that shows up the worst of the swirls and scratches.

Lucid needs to either improve its quality control in the paint department or look at offering PPF direct from the factory as Rivian does. If not, buyers may have to deal with more stone chips than is reasonable, which won't be cheap to fix.

Out of Spec Detailing/YouTube

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