Lucid Air Pure RWD Coming With 430 Horsepower And Up To 406 Miles Of Range

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The entry-level Pure derivative sports an appealing price tag of $87,400.

Hot on the heels of the entry-level Lucid Air Pure, the California-based company has announced that an even more affordable rear-wheel-drive variant will be made available shortly.

The luxury sedan is already available on the configurator, but details surrounding the powertrain are sparse. Thankfully, Autoevolutionhas unearthed an email that gives us a look at the Pure RWD's preliminary specifications.

It may be the base model, but with 430 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, it will show several sedans a clean pair of heels in a traffic light sprint. 0 to 60 mph is dispatched in a claimed 4.4 seconds, which is more than enough for a large luxury sedan.

The single-motor variant is $5,500 cheaper than the Pure AWD, which has 50 additional horses at its disposal.

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The Lucid Air is known for its strong range estimates. In 2021, the Dream Edition made headlines when it managed to achieve a 520-mile range estimate from the EPA.

The Pure RWD isn't quite as impressive, but customers can expect an EPA-estimated range of 406 miles. That means the entry-level Lucid is capable of traveling greater distances than all iterations of the Mercedes EQS Sedan. It's also on par with the dual-motor Tesla Model S.

Priced at $87,400, the Pure RWD still isn't eligible for the new EV tax credit but, importantly, it's significantly cheaper than the aforementioned rivals and manages to undercut them without sacrificing performance or range. It's worth noting the Pure AWD adds just four extra miles of range.

Unless you really need the extra performance and marginal range improvement, the Pure RWD seems like a better buy than its AWD sibling.

Lucid Motors

Pure models are equipped with a smaller battery pack and 18 modules (as opposed to the regular 22). This benefits rear occupants who benefit from increased rear seat space. The base models also ship with the automaker's Wunderbox fast charging technology that can boost range by 200 miles in a matter of 15 minutes. Hopefully, the RWD variant receives this nifty function too.

There are a few sacrifices Pure customers have to make, though. The elegant glass roof seen on plusher models makes way for a more conventional aluminum roof. Inside, you'll also find minor differences. Where the pricier derivatives receive leather, the Pure's interior is trimmed in PurLuxe synthetic leather and premium recycled materials.

Wavering customers may be swayed by the appealing charging incentive. Place an order before June 30, and Lucid will throw in a year's complimentary charging at Electrify America facilities for "reasonable personal use."

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