Lucid Gravity SUV Debuts In America With 440-Mile Range And Gorgeous Styling

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It beats the Model X on range and luxury, yet matches it on price.

  • Lucid's second fully electric model
  • Projected range of over 440 miles
  • 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds
  • Seating for up to seven occupants
  • Starts at under $80,000

Lucid has revealed its second fully electric model, the Gravity SUV. It's been a year since the Gravity's design was shown in prototype form, but now we can get a closer look at all the details that make this three-row Tesla Model X fighter so special.

Like the Air sedan with its industry-leading range, the Gravity is also a leader for how far it can travel between charges. It has a projected range of over 440 miles, almost 100 miles more than the Model X. Seating up to seven occupants, Lucid says the Gravity has the spaciousness of a full-size SUV without the unwieldy size and poor maneuverability often associated with them.

Lucid Lucid Lucid Lucid

Based on the brand's new SUV platform, the Gravity features compact electric motors said to be the most power-dense in the world. Specific outputs were not mentioned, but based on the performance figures, something around 600 horsepower looks likely.

The Gravity can hit 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds, but it's also a decent SUV, with a payload capacity of over 1,500 lbs and towing of up to 6,000 lbs. An optional air suspension dubbed Zero Gravity assures comfort over a range of surfaces, while manual adjustments can raise the SUV's body for better off-roading. Unlike the Air, it's possible that all Gravity variants will be all-wheel drive, whereas the base Air has a rear-wheel-drive setup.

With its 900V architecture and ultra-fast charging, the Gravity can be recharged with 200 miles of range in around 15 minutes. Lucid didn't specify the battery size, but it will be "half the size" of the batteries in several competitors, such is the advancement the brand has made in battery tech.

Lucid Lucid Lucid Lucid

Outside, the Lucid Gravity successfully reinterprets the brand's design language for a taller SUV body style. It has a tall hood with full-width lighting, and the resemblance to the stylish Air sedan is clear. The individual, square-shaped segments of the daytime running lights have a touch of Bugatti Chiron about them. 23-inch wheels are equipped to models pictured here, but smaller wheels will probably be offered.

The roofline is elegantly designed, tapering gently as it culminates in the rear spoiler. The Gravity name is displayed on the rearmost pillar, which features a silver finish that extends from the front. Flush-fitting door handles are fitted. Colors seen here include Lunar Titanium, Fathom Blue, and Aurora Green. Various accessories, including bike racks and roof rails, will be available for transporting sporting equipment.

At the back, the lighting once again extends across the body, sweeping subtly below the LUCID name. Three-row SUVs are often boxy barges on wheels, but the rounded Gravity is anything but.

Despite the large body, the Gravity has a target coefficient of drag of under 0.24.

Lucid Lucid Lucid Lucid

Heading inside, 'Dream Edition' script on the door panels suggests that there will be a fully loaded, limited edition of the Gravity at launch, just as there was with the Air. The interior features screens aplenty, with an evolution of the brand's user interface. A 34-inch curved OLED display floats above the steering wheel. There is also a Pilot Panel with a quick-access touch bar next to the glass center console. Passengers at the back have their own center screen, likely for controlling their own temperature settings for the climate control system.

Color schemes are classy, with tan and lighter gray hues seen here, and contrast stitching and piping adding to the sense of occasion. Lucid previously stated that five-, six-, and seven-seater configurations will be available, but the official release only mentions a three-row configuration.

Lucid Lucid Lucid Lucid

The Lucid Air Grand Touring just won the CarBuzz Award for Electrified Luxury, and this first look at the Gravity's cabin suggests it will be in the running for the same award once we get to drive it. Using the Lucid Spaces function, a single tap can turn the interior into a unique oasis, an experience that even includes guided meditation - hopefully, this process takes place when the vehicle is stationary.

Rear-seat passengers will also have access to fold-down tables and monitors mounted on the front seatbacks, features that may be optional. Lucid says third-row legroom is "remarkable."

Cargo space will be excellent, with 112 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded flat. The Air sedan already has a frunk measuring ten cubic feet, and the taller Gravity's frunk should have greater depth and even more packing space. A large tailgate, flat floor (when the rear seats are folded), and glass roof create an airy, expansive space at the back when you don't need to transport many people.

Lucid Lucid Lucid Lucid

"Whether it's a cargo-swallowing SUV for family camping trips or a long-range grand tourer covering hundreds of miles between stops, Gravity is designed to be versatile," said Derek Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Design and Brand at Lucid. "Our team's dedication to creating an SUV that seamlessly fuses form and function has resulted in a vehicle that's visually striking, incredibly versatile, and provides an elevated luxury driving experience."

Full pricing hasn't been revealed, but Lucid has confirmed that the Gravity will start at under $80,000. If the range mirrors the Air, the top model will be far more expensive, as the Air Sapphire goes for around $250k.

The Lucid Gravity will arrive in the USA late in 2024, likely as a 2025 model.

Lucid Lucid Lucid Lucid Lucid Lucid Lucid

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