Lucid Slashes Air Grand Touring Price By $16,000

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That sounds great, but previously standard features have now been made optional.

Prospective Lucid Air owners will be pleased to know the automaker has added a less expensive Grand Touring variant to the lineup, priced at $138,000.

While we still wouldn't call that affordable, it brings Grand Touring ownership into the hands of many more customers. So, has the luxury EV been stripped of certain features to reach this price point? Well, yes and no. According to the company's configurator, several features that were once standard on this high-end trim level are now available as optional extras.

This includes DreamDrive Pro ($10,000), the 21-inch Aero Blade wheels ($2,000), and the Surreal Sound Pro audio system ($4,000). Specify those options and you'll pay $154,000 - the previous point of entry for the Grand Touring. While many will bemoan the loss of these standard features, it does allow potential customers to pick and choose what they want.

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What's more, it's not like the Grand Touring is poorly equipped. Lucid still provides the plush variant with Surreal Sound and DreamDrive, albeit more basic versions. Interestingly, the automaker notes the former will only be available at a later date, while the latter will be reintroduced in the first quarter of 2023.

This points to potential supply chain and/or semiconductor chip shortages. By removing standard features, the company may not have to amass as many components as it once would. Customers who elect to specify these amenities pay for them, while those that choose not to save money. It seems like a win-win but, if true, it could spell trouble for the EV company.

Of course, this is all speculation until confirmed. We've reached out to Lucid Motors for comment and will update the article once we receive communication from the brand.

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Even with the discounted price tag, the Grand Touring still enjoys superb performance courtesy of its impressive outputs. The decadent luxury sedan produces a staggering 819 horsepower; more than enough to propel the posh leviathan to 60 mph in three seconds. What's more, with a range of 516 miles, the Air Grand Touring will sail past many charging stations before requiring a top-up.

But, even at this price point, it's still pricier than the Model S Plaid. The Tesla arguably has the advantage in the performance stakes, but the more modern Air is a more luxurious product that appeals to a rather different customer base.

Lucid has had its fair share of production-related issues this year, and is reportedly struggling to keep up with demand. This could boil down to the aforementioned chip crisis, which has impacted vehicle production globally. This has resulted in cancelations - something Lucid is trying its utmost to avoid.

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