Luck Is Crashing Your Boss' Uninsured Pagani Zonda And Keeping Your Job

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He can just buy a new one.

This poor Pagani Zonda has had a rough go of things. It was crashed in Wembley, a London neighborhood, in February by the bodyguard of Chinese businessman Jen-Te Chen. The bodyguard, Andy Danso, lost control of the then-uniunsured supercar and drove it into a fence. One crash is bad enough, but the same Zonda hit an electricity pole back in 2009. The 2009 crash happened in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, under different ownership. So, did the bodyguard lose his job for wrecking his boss' Zonda? Amazingly, no.

The courts were not as kind to Mr. Danso when he faced a judge this week. He originally told police he swerved to avoid a silver car but then revealed the truth when a security camera showed the street to be free of traffic. The crash occurred when he was adjusting his seat, causing his foot to slip and mash the accelerator. The judge in the case convicted Danso of "driving without due care and attention," which sounds like the British equivalent of reckless driving. He was slapped with a £1,000 pound ($1,569 USD) fine and given nine points on his license (12 points can lead to a suspended license). The damage to the Zonda was likely higher so all things considered this bodyguard made out alright here.

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