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Luckiest Guy in the World Is Father to the Luckiest Kid in the World


Now this is some true father-son bonding time.

It’s not every day that you come across a kid whose dad has a job as awesome as this. No, this guy isn’t a doctor, lawyer, businessman or anything like that. He has a real job. Davide Testi is the chief test driver for Pagani. Beat that some hot shot lawyer/brilliant surgeon dad. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. Your BMW/Audi/Lexus ain't no Pagani. Our good friend Marchettino just caught the pair on camera at a local event in Italy.

With his son on his lap while in the driver’s seat, Testi took the Pagani Huayra out on the closed course for some proper father-son bonding. As for the kid, well, let’s just hope he’s fully aware how awesome his dad is.

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