Road Trip

Luckiest Man Alive Road Trips 1,000 KMs Through England In A 918 Spyder

And you thought driving to California in college was epic.

Porsche hit 10 million Facebook fans a while back, and it decided to celebrate the milestone by giving one fan an epic 1,000-kilometer road trip through England. The lucky fan was an Austrian man by the name of Ingo Georges Vandenberghe, and Porsche has just released the video of his trip. Needless to say, it’s incredible. The journey starts in London and ends at the company’s testing center. There are some pretty amazing stops on the way, including a few where Porsche fans get to sign the 918 Spyder.

Check out this video and make sure to “like” Porsche on Facebook. Who knows what will happen when 20 million fans are reached?

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