Lucky Guy Wins Ride In A Bugatti Veyron, Promptly Loses His Sh**

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Would you react the same way?

Over the summer a Bugatti Veyron was turned into a mobile billboard for #2FastTouzani, a tour of Europe by Dutch street soccer star Soufiane Touzani. The Bugatti was provided by Dutchbugs, a Veyron owner group from the Netherlands. Touzani showed off his soccer skills on the back of the Veyron which we thought was pretty damn crazy at the time. Of course that's until we saw this video of a lucky fan scoring a ride in the supercar. Simply put: This guy loses his sh** in the best way possible.

He is flipping off the camera, yelling at people who dare to drive hybrids, taking selfies-the whole nine. This is everything Bugatti could hope for in terms of a reaction to riding in the Veyron. Check out the awesome video for yourself.

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