Lucra Will Build This Beautiful New Sports Car


This front-engined V8 sports car from Lucra will soon head to production. Serious awesomeness will follow.

If you haven't heard of Lucra before reading this, more than likely it'll soon become a brand you're quite familiar with. The California-based sports car builder is the creator of the absolutely wonderful and pure LC470, a barely street legal roadster than goes from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds and it weighs just 2,000 lbs. Now the company is previewing its latest creation, reportedly codenamed the 2.2. Few details have been announced so far, but it's clear the new sports car is a more developed and user friendly machine than the LC470.

The front end appears to have LED headlights and a carbon fiber splitter. The overall profile is sleek, and we especially dig those bulging rear fenders, side exhaust and swept back windshield. Overall, the car looks like a modern interpretation of the classic Corvette Stingray along with a bit of the Shelby Daytona (just our opinion). No word yet on what's under that long hood, but it'll likely be either a GM LS3 or LS7 V8 or even an AMG-sourced 6.3-liter V8. Acceleration will no doubt be quick, probably in less than three seconds.

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