Ludicrous Mode Will Come To Audi: How Much Faster Will It Be?

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This is how to make electric cars more appealing.

Audi has Tesla's Model S and X right in its crosshairs. The automaker just announced that it's preparing a new Ludicrous Mode fighter for its E-Tron Quattro concept and the E-Tron R8. Dr. Peter Pilgram, who is in charge of the development of Audi's battery technology said that their target is to have the best cars available. As a result, not only will electric Audis of the future have the ability to launch off the line blisteringly fast, but they will have better batteries than Teslas too.

Tesla currently uses cylindrical battery cells that take up a lot of space, but Audi is playing around with prismatic and pouch battery cells that are better suited to automotive use. These cells not only have a much higher energy density, but they also have high cycle life and age better. These types of advances have allowed batteries to gain a larger capacity, which Audi will take advantage of to get its cars off the line very quickly. The Model S can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds and the Model X will make the same run in 3.2 seconds. If Audi can pull off quicker acceleration times than this, then we're on board.

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