Lunatic Stuffs 320-HP V8 Into Citroen 2CV And We Love It

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All thanks to a small block V8 and plenty of free time.

This thing started life as your typical 1967 Citroen 2CV, also known as a French-built death trap. Today it's become a French-American death trap, and it happens to be for sale on Craigslist. For $17,000 you can be the owner of this Chevy small-block V8-powered Citroen 2CV. Compared to its original stock output of 16 hp from an air-cooled engine, power has been increased by 2,000 percent thanks to that 360-cubic-inch V8 producing around 320 hp.

This Frankenstein creation was built and is now being sold by the same individual from Detroit. Judging by these photos, build quality appears to be solid, and the seller further claims he's done about 100 shakedown miles. He needs to sell it, he explains, due to sudden health reasons. Other upgrades include a suspension setup from a 1988 Chevy S10 pickup truck, 700R4 automatic transmission, beefier brakes, and other body add-ons. Even the fuel tank has a full metal bar cage built around it, and the front end features tubular upper a-arms and rack-and-pinion-steering. The car was even displayed back in 2014 at the Detroit Autorama where famous customizer Gene Winfield liked it so much he signed the dashboard.

How did the seller come up with the $17k asking price? Because it's roughly the same amount for a nicely restored stock 2CV, but he's willing to negotiate. There are, however, some finishing touches that still need to be completed, but thanks to that shakedown, the engine, transmission and brakes are all good to go. Photos courtesy of Craigslist.

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