Lutz Confirms Vette-Powered Karmas for 2014

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Priced at $200k, the VL Destino boasts a Fisker Karma body with the heart of a ZL1.

Bob Lutz caused quite the stir at this year's Detroit Auto Show when the veteran auto-industry exec unveiled his vision of a Fisker Karma powered by a Corvette ZR1 V8. Dubbed the VL Destino, it was a creation that attracted hundreds of prospective buyers, including existing Karma owners willing to stump up $100,000 for the conversion. After buying 25 unsold Karmas "Maximum Bob" has since settled a dispute with an Asian investor, who had held back the codes required to operate the infotainment system.

Lutz told Automotive News he is now ready to bring the Destino to market with deliveries to start mid-2014. A new grille and minor cosmetic touch-ups aside, VL Engineers haven't messed with the Karma's design. Instead they removed the hybrid powerplant, replacing it with a Vette engine and transmission with buyers to choose from the ZR1's 638-hp supercharged LS9 unit and the Stingray's 450-hp LT1 V8. The latter will be offered to owners of "pristine" condition Karmas willing to remove their green-tinted glasses. VL plans to return to Detroit in January with a sedan and another body style. In the meantime, work will be done on creating a driving experience worthy of a $200,000 luxury car.

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