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Luxury Automotive Baby Buggies

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When your Fisher Price car simply isn't good (or expensive) enough.

Have you ever wondered what the children of the world's wealthiest car collectors drive? I can guarantee you that it isn't plastic red hatchbacks with yellow roofs from Fisher Price. These children drive expensive and luxurious kiddie cars. The garage of a wealthy tot is awesome to say the least as you'll soon see. Then again, riding around in something as simple as the aforementioned Fisher Price or even a Power Wheel is more than good enough for must (average) kids.

The Porsche Baby 911 Speedster was designed for tots with a need for speed. The push car has Porsche's signature styling and pricing selling for a cool $152. That may sound like a lot for a push-car, but it's nothing compared to the rest of the cars on this list.

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The PlaySam Saab Roadster is easily one of the classiest kiddie cars out there. The mini-Saab is made out of wood and was inspired by the Saab 92001. The PlaySam Saab Roadster was designed by Ulf Hansen for kid's over 12 months and is priced at $390.

If I could purchase any car off this list for my childhood self it would be the SelfRidges' Audi kiddie sportscar. SelfRidges mini speed-machine is classy with soft Audi seating and custom Audi rims. The price for all this awesomeness is not cheap ($445), but can you really put a price on an Audi pedal-car?

For the price of one D-Type Jaguar Children's Car you could buy every car on this list several times over. This killer kiddie cruiser is a 2:3 scale replica of the 1995 D-Type "long nose." This childish behemoth is powered by a 110cc electric-start gas engine and sits on an aluminum chassis. The D-Type Jaguar Children's Car went up for auction late last year where it was priced between $10,000 and $12,000.