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Luxury Brands Take Note: Kia's New SUV Looks Great

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The latest interior teaser is further proof.

Kia will soon unveil an all-new crossover, a global model that will first go on sale in Korea later this year. We still don't know its official name but we can confirm it will strongly resemble the SP Signature Concept revealed earlier this year in Seoul. Detailed sketch images of the new vehicle's front and rear ends were recently released and today we get a chance to check out the interior.

This interior sketch of Kia's new small SUV crossover features broad, sweeping shapes that, at first glance, could possibly be mistaken for an Audi. Seriously, it looks that good. Kia further tells us this interior will be adorned in high-quality materials throughout and the expansive shapes and technical forms create a more youthful and luxurious vibe. For example, expect to see some metallic highlights in the air vents as well as a "broad, sweeping dashboard."

Technology is also a major focus because this Kia is specifically targeting Millennials and the first wave of Gen Z buyers. The automaker has even added a grab-bar on the passenger side of the center console for a "sporty feel." But the main interior focus will be what's at the center of the dashboard: a massive 10.25-inch touchscreen navigation system. Along with Kia's Sound Mood Lighting tech, which alters the cabin's ambient lighting to personal preferences, the automaker is aiming to set a high bar for what a small and affordable SUV ought to be today.

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"We have focused on designing a cabin unlike any other in the small SUV segment, with a greater sense of depth and richness to the design," says Byng Chul Juh, head of Kia Styling. "Our newest model will offer greater pleasure and satisfaction to our customers, with a premium-quality interior that benefits from sophisticated design details."

This latest vehicle will provide Kia the global presence it needs today in the ultra-competitive SUV segment and, perhaps, lure away customers who were previously considering something more expensive.