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Lynk & Co's Mysterious Crossover Coupe Could Underpin Lotus SUV?

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Both share a Volvo platform. All three brands are owned by Geely.

Many of you are aware of an electric car company called Lynk & Co. Owned by Geely, the same Chinese automaker that also owns Volvo and Lotus, Lynk & Co has been talked about being one of Tesla's most serious rivals once its first model, the 01 crossover, goes on sale outside of China. But we also know the company is busy at work developing its second model thanks to our spy photographers. They just managed to catch what appears to be a so-called coupe version prototype of the 01 out testing wearing some fairly heavy camo.

Yes, we know a coupe traditionally has only two doors, but like the BMW X6, a different and sportier roof can make all the difference. This is what we're seeing here. Our sources believe this test mule is simply a sportier version of the 01 crossover inside and out. It's what the market demands.

Supposedly, Lynk & Co will begin sales outside of China in both Europe and the US, though we don't have an exact timeline as to when that'll happen. Additional Lynk & Co models will include the 02 crossover, 03 sedan, and the 04 hatchback. Now, here's where things can potentially become interesting. As we mentioned, Lynk & Co, Volvo and Lotus all share a parent company, Geely. We already know the 01 was designed and engineered in Sweden, utilizing Volvo's Compact Modular Architecture, and became China's fastest selling vehicle of all time with 6,000 orders coming in the first two minutes when preorders began.

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Production is underway in China and a new facility is being built in Belgium, which will go online in late 2019. European sales will begin in 2020. And speaking of European carmakers… we know that Lotus is also planning an SUV of its own. Chances are it won't arrive until 2021 at the earliest, but don't be surprised to learn that the 01's Volvo-sourced platform will also underpin that so far unnamed Lotus. Will the Lotus SUV be all-electric? Probably not, but this platform was designed for not just EVs. For example, it also underpins the Volvo XC40.