Lyonheart K – British Sports Car Engineering at its Finest


The modern interpretation of the Jaguar E-Type is a slick and stunning sports coupe.

Bo Zolland's collaboration with Robert Palm bore a stunning Jaguar E-Type tribute model last year, the Growler E. Their imaginative design has recently resurfaced under the moniker the Lyonheart K and upon the 50th anniversary of the famous E-Type, it comes at just the right time. The slick and stunning sports coupe titled the Lyonheart K features some updates from the former Growler E and is slated to head into a limited production by Visualtech.

The British sports car features long and slanted headlights and aggressive styling along with a lightweight carbon fiber build, stainless-steel parts and chrome-colored aluminum pieces. Total weight is estimated to be just under 3,500lbs. "We want to make the 'Made in England' label into a truthful concept, not just a statement. Every part of the Lyonheart K is developed, engineered and hand-built in England. The design clues of the Lyonheart K reflect Britishness at its best: cool, elegant, refined, understated yet powerful and dynamic," said Robert Palm, Classic Factory CEO.

The Lyonheart K takes its motivation in the form of a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine with outputs of 542hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. Performance is expected to measure from 0-62mph in under four seconds and a limited top speed of 186mph. The Lyonheart K will go on sale in the UK with pricing said to be around €495,000.

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