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M3 CSL Owners Still Thrilled After 10 Years

When your baby turns 10 and her name is BMW M3 CSL you party like it's 2003.

Since its inception in 1985, few sport sedans have been able to match the all around package that is the BMW M3. There have been a host of variations of over the years, yet few have been as rare to own as the CSL. With little more than a 1,000 produced a year, and nil for the US, the CSL was really something special due to the fact that its entire focus was on reducing curb weight and initiating a new era of BMW lightweight and high performance technologies.

Recently 50 M3 CSL owners received the call from BMW to come get their 10th anniversary groove on at an event sponsored by the German automaker. One can only imagine how many high fives and back slaps went down during this small gathering of a fortunate few.

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