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M3 GT Would be Just as Ugly as Any Bloated BMW

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For whatever reason, BMW believes raised hatchback versions of its 3 and 5 Series look good. They don't, not even with the M treatment.

We'll be outright honest: we can't stand that whole BMW fascination with turning great models like the 3 and 5 Series into bloated hatchbacks. While the 3 Series GT is somewhat of an improvement over the automaker's first attempt, the 5 Series GT, it's still, well, ugly. But what if BMW were to give their famous M treatment to the 3 Series GT? Would it look better? Worse? Rendering artist Theophilus Chin pondered this very concept and came up with a couple of images of what the production result could look like.

With the M4 Concept's styling up front, the car does look somewhat better over the regular version. But make no mistake about it: it still looks like a douche mobile. We wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if BMW were to green light this for production one day.

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