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M3 VS. RS6: Incredibly Illegal Race On The Highway

Better hope there aren't cameras.

The drag race seen here is in many ways the sort of thing we love to see. It's the same E36 BMW M3 we saw last week, lightened and packing a V10 shoehorned in under the hood. It is up against an Audi RS6 with a tuning from MTM and nitrous oxide. All told, the BMW is producing 800 horsepower, and the Audi, with the nitrous, is producing 970 horsepower. But what really boggles the mind is that they appear to have held up traffic on the highway in order to run the race.

It’s not immediately obvious where they could have gotten away with such reckless behavior, but the majority of the comments on YouTube are in Albanian, and that's where the last race took place.

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