M770i to Cap 2015 BMW 7 Series

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All-wheel-drive performance sedan will be the M7 that BMW never had.

Where BMW's M range may have once been limited to coupes and sports sedans, these days it has room even for performance crossovers. One thing BMW has never done, however, was give the 7 Series the full M treatment. That, according to reports, could be set to change. Well, almost. BMW has created another level of performance vehicles in between its stock models and the full-on M range. And that, we hear, is where the new M770i xDrive will slot.

According to Automobile magazine, the M770i will pack a twin-turbo V8 with 475 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque driven to all four wheels. In other words, no slouch, even if it is a far cry from the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG with its 537 hp or the 512hp Audi S8 - two vehicles against which the M770i will inevitably be compared. The Bavarian automaker will also reportedly endeavor to lighten the 7 Series for the performance version, using carbon-fiber body panels, lightweight sport seats and even carbon-ceramic brakes. The latter feature is something you'd sooner expect to see on a supercar over a luxury sedan.

The M770i xDrive is tipped to top the range on the next-generation 7 Series, anchored at the lower end by a 260hp four and including two hybrid options, when it launches within the next few years.

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Source Credits: rumors.automobilemag.com

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