Macan Design Inspired by Race Cars

At least they didn't simply downsize the Cayenne.

The overall reaction regarding the newly launched Porsche Macan has been quite positive. This latest Porsche is not only a smaller SUV that will sit alongside its larger Cayenne sibling in the lineup, but it’s also a vehicle that incorporates the automaker’s racing past into its design. This latest video from Porsche takes a behind the scenes look as the designers attempted to do more than simply downsize the Cayenne. Instead, the Macan features front fender styling taken directly from the 911 and an overall look derived from race cars of the past.

The Macan also debuts the new taillight styling that will make its way into all other Porsches in the near future. Porsche’s stated goal was to make the Macan the so-called “sports car” of its segment and whether you’re a fan of small premium SUVs or not, this baby Cayenne does look pretty damn good.

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