Macan: Porsche's Smallest, Cheapest SUV Model

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An Audi Q3-based Porsche? It's not going to happen.

With a base price that's set to be lower than that of the Boxster, the Macan will officially be Porsche's cheapest model. That's a good thing for those who have the aching desire to own a Porsche SUV. But for anyone else hoping the automaker would build something smaller and cheaper, well, it's just not going to happen. A Porsche official has just confirmed that the Macan will remain the cheapest model in the lineup as well as the smallest SUV. In other words, there won't be an Audi Q3-based Porsche.


This same official once again made clear that although the Macan and Audi Q5 share the same platform, "the two cars are completely different…the development is completely different. We transferred everything from the 911 to this car. For an SUV, it is like a sports car." Also, don't be surprised to see technology from the 918 Spyder find its way into models like the Macan and even the next-generation Panamera. A plug-in Macan is a very real possibility. Fortunately, the 911 won't be the target of this trickle down electric tech; its flat-six engine will remain intact.

Check out information about the small SUVs.

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