MacGyver Returns in the Mercedes-Benz Citan

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Richard Dean Anderson reprises his role as MacGyver for Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz has given one of our childhood heroes a very unique and interesting weapon to fight crime in - a Citan commercial van. If you aren't familiar with the Citan, don't fret, as it is Mercedes' European-market commercial utility hauler that is, apparently, as good as fighting bad guys as it is serving as a handy-man's mode of transport. Mercedes is releasing a run of three short webisodes each starring actor Richard Dean Anderson as he reprises his role as MacGyver.

The 1980s-early 90s show of the same name was a huge hit in the US and apparently Europeans appreciated the secret agent's feats with Swiss Army Knives and duct tape enough to recognize the man almost 20 years after the show went off the air. As for the new Citan, this is the first product to emanate from Daimler and Renault-Nissan's partnership. Mercedes will sell three different models each with its own unique body length. It runs on a 113 horsepower supercharged gasoline engine and a few diesel plants, of which include a turbodiesel variant. The latter range in output from 74hp to 109hp.

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Titled "MacGyver and the New Citan," the web series' first episode will be released on September 18th. Until then check out the official trailer below.


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