Mad Max Ford Falcon Can Be Yours

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You will earn instant respect from your enemies if you were to own this car.

The "Mad Max" films were unquestionably awesome. So awesome in fact they're currently working on a remake, but we doubt it'll be as good as the originals. But the question is whether the new film will feature cars as cool as those Mel Gibson and crew drove in the post-apocalyptical world in Australia? Also doubtful, but now a UK car dealership is selling this Ford Falcon XB GT 500, also known as Mad Max's V8 Police Interceptor. It doesn't appear to be the actual film car, but it's still a damn good replica.

Just three years ago it was given a new V8 along with a fiberglass rear spoiler, roof, wheel arches and front bumper. There are also plastic side vents, gold brake calipers and black 15" eight-spoke alloy wheels. The car was built in Australia years ago but it's now in the UK with an asking price of £79,995. Do the math and that's quite a hefty price in dollars. But still, awesomeness doesn't always come cheap.

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