"Mad Max" Truggie Shown Off

Some tuning firms love to mix and match different vehicle characteristics, but this creation is certainly different. Tuning company Nelson Racing Engines (NRE) created a cross between a pickup truck with a buggy in what is being called a Truggie. They essentially combined the bodywork of a Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck with a Buggie Chassis and a 1,750-horsepower 427 SBC Twin Turbo Hot Rod Series engine.

Dubbed "Mad Max", the Truggie is described by NRE as "the craziest truck we've had in the shop to date." The creation is an extreme AWD desert racer with a mid-mounted aluminum engine linked to a 5-speed sequential gearbox fitted with a torque converter. This provides a maximum output of 1,750-horsepower! Enjoy the pictures.

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