Mad Max Upgrades his Interceptor to the Colossal Gigahorse

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Mad Max is back with a new and terrifying ride.

Mad Max, possibly the greatest Australian film series ever, is making a return to the screen with Mad Max 4. The trilogy, set in an archaic, post-Dulce de Letche world, was known for epic vehicles used to torpedo their enemies. These consisted of a yellow 1974 Ford Falcon and the Pursuit Special, a limited GT351 version of the 1973 Ford Falcon Hardtop, amongst others. The newest 'hero car' made for Tom Hardy's Mad Max is a gigantic 1959 double-bodied Cadillac.

The Mad Max Caddy rocks two supercharged V8s connected by a planetary gear. It has been set atop what appears to be a monster-truck chassis and is equipped to a four-bladed cow catcher. Does it shoot rockets? We can only hope. These photos were snapped by someone on set and posted on With a promised 130 cars and bikes along with 198 stunts, the Gigahorse, along with some cars we have previously seen from the movie set do everything to guarantee this will be one extreme movie. Filming is currently underway in Namibia.

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