Magna Steyr's Mila Plus Hybrid Sports Car Could Be Serious Rival To BMW i8

If only someone cared enough to build it.

Although badged as a Mercedes-Benz, the G-Class is actually built by Austrian engineering firm Magna Steyr. The firm finds engineering solutions for many ambitious automakers, and has now rolled out an actual Magna branded concept at Geneva. Called the Mila Plus, the car is a lightweight two-seat plug-in hybrid sports car. The combination of a three-cylinder engine and two electric motors makes 272 horsepower. There's also 427lb-ft of torque and an all-electric range of 46 miles.

But none of that really matters too much because the car was built so that changes to the drivetrain or bodywork wouldn't require any special effort. It is essentially a ready-made sports car that could be used by any automaker that wanted it. The extruded aluminum space frame also makes the car safe enough to meet crash test standards anywhere that has them. Magna is calling it an “out of the box” sports car, and being that it's much easier to manufacture than a BMW i8, it could be used to take on the Bavarian easily. Sounds interesting.

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