Major Tow Truck Driver Fail Makes Bad Situation Even Worse

Talk about having a bad day.

Accidents happen. It’s just a fact of life. But when the so-called savior arrives to help make things better and ends up screwing the situation up even more, that's just bad luck. Such is the case with this tow truck driver. After rolling his Mazda3 (we’re not sure how), this young lad did what any one of us would do: he called a tow truck. However, the tow truck driver managed to pull off one of the biggest fails we’ve seen in a while. Fortunately no one was hurt in the rollover itself.

Rolling the car over is one thing, but to be reckless enough to not attach things properly (and keep the emergency brake off) is just plain dumb. This whole thing was caught on video solely for insurance purposes. Good thing too, otherwise they’d never believe what transpired.

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