Make Your Ford Bronco Or Jeep Wrangler Roar With New Exhaust System

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Magnaflow has a new solution.

The first thing most gearheads do when they get their hands on a new car is to change the exhaust system to something a bit more aggressive and free-flowing. This sacred ritual has been observed for decades, and Magnaflow is one of the most trusted in the business, with a career stretching back 40 years. The company, which is famous for making muscle cars sound great, has now released its latest range of pipes as part of the "Overland Series" specifically designed to fit the new Ford Bronco, and its arch-nemesis, the Jeep Wrangler.

Earlier this month we featured Magnaflow's Street Series cat-back systems on the Bronco, and those sounded sweet. Well, guess what? These pipes sound even better.

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The Overland Series is perfect for those planning on doing some serious off-road work thanks to the compact muffler design and high-clearance exit pipe which helps improve departure angles and the overall capability of these hardcore machines.

Available on the 2022 Ford Bronco V6 and 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JLU V6, the Overland range also features Magnaflow's No-Drone technology which keeps things civil on the open road, but spicy when the right pedal is mashed to the floor. These performance exhaust systems are constructed of robust stainless steel and feature a lifetime warranty. Every system also comes with a special-edition sticker and velcro patch for extra bro-points.

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Magnaflow doesn't claim any specific power gains, but the clean flow of these exhaust systems are sure to offer a few extra ponies, and slightly better throttle response at the very least. As part of Magnaflow's commitment to the world of off-roading and nature in general, it has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree for every Overland Series product sold. Just think about it: if all the Bronco and Wrangler owners in the US come together and buy Magnaflow exhaust systems, they could single handedly create a brand new ecosystem. Awesome.


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