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Make Your Ford F-150 Look Like A Mustang Starting At $3,995

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The fastback pickup truck has arrived.

We never even thought about a truck body style like this, but we're sure glad someone else did. Introducing the Aero X, a Mustang-like fastback bed cap for the Ford F-150. It wasn't Ford, however, that came up with this cool idea, but rather Michigan Vehicle Solutions. The Drive first spotted this unusual-looking truck on Twitter and did some digging, leading the outlet to MVS. The company, which also does custom parts installations and even restorations, claims it wants to make the fastback pickup truck the next big thing.

CEO Rich Oliver told The Drive that the firm "looked around and saw the lack of innovation out there. It's time for a different thing from our grandparents' bed caps. The flat tonneau, the shoebox, all that has run its course."

At the moment, the Aero X is available beginning with the 2015 model year F-150s with 5.5- and 6.5-foot-long beds. The unit itself is made out of fiberglass and weighs 260 pounds. It attaches to the F-150 with industry-standard bed clamps and includes a lockable clamshell opening for easier access and, of course, that iconic Mustang-inspired sloping roofline and louvered rear window. A third brake light integrates into the top as well. Owners will also enjoy easy bed access by opening the panel with a key, and gas struts for further ease of use.

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There are some extra features customers will find appealing, such as a built-in sound system and vented side glass quarter windows. But best of all, no modifications are required for F-150 owners no matter if they opt for the standard or feature-equipped cover. Just simply attach the top and you're done.

But what if you're not an F-150 owner and still find the styling appealing? Have no worries because MVS says the Aero X will soon be available for Chevrolet, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan trucks, too.