Making Bigger Cars That Aren't Just 500 Rehashes Is The First Way We'd Improve Fiat

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Bringing in diesel and Abarth models is the second.

Walking into a Fiat showroom in the US is kind of like choosing a drink size at McDonalds. You can either have a small, medium, or large car. Unfortunately the only Fiat models that you can buy in the US are the 500, 500X, and 500L. The 124 should add some flavor to this lineup, but we doubt that a two-seater sports car will sell in staggering numbers. We believe Fiat's lack of models is causing them to have sales problems. Two-thirds of Fiat dealerships report fewer than 10 sales per month.

We believe that Fiat's current models are simply too small, too European, and too ugly to sell well in the US. Since Fiat brought the 500 stateside in 2012, we have wondered why the company has decided to create new versions of its tiny car rather than just sell some of its bigger models. In order to cater to Americans, Fiat should bring its Tipo sedan to the US. The Tipo is a handsome small sedan that would appeal to more Americans than the impractical 500. Thanks to X-Tomi Design, we can even see how cool an Abarth version of the Tipo would be. With FCA planning to ax the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart, a sedan from Fiat could fill the gap left in the FCA portfolio. The Tipo could even be offered as a hatchback to rival the Volkswagen Golf!

Instead of trying to convince Americans that the 500L is a good car to haul stuff, Fiat could bring the Fullback to the US. The Fullback is a mid-size pickup truck from Fiat. RAM does not sell a smaller truck to compete with the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. The Fullback already has a really cool name that Americans could relate too. Toss in some 4WD and a torque-y diesel engine, and Fiat could have a US sales hit. In fact, we find it a bit strange that Fiat doesn't sell diesel models in the US. Volkswagen's recent struggles may have scared a few companies away, but we think that Fiat needs to sell some diesels. Small cars like the 500 deserve to be as fuel efficient as possible. The 500 is great on gas, but it should do better given its size.

By offering small, two-cylinder diesel engines like they do in Europe, Fiat could actually make use of the small stature of its cars. Instead of 40 mpg, a diesel model could get as much as 60 mpg. If Fiat offered efficient diesels, and sporty Abarth versions of all of its models, it could appeal to far more consumers. In our perfect scenario, Fiat would kill the 500L, and continue with the 124, 500, Tipo sedan, Tipo hatchback, 500X and Fullback. With our proposed lineup, Fiat will no longer have trouble keeping its dealerships afloat. Live Fullback shots from Indian Autos Blog.


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