Man Almost Dies In McDonald's Drive-Thru After Ridiculous Freak Accident

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Wow, what a way to (almost) go.

Many, many strange things have happened at McDonald's but this may be one of the oddest. A 19-year-old man got his head stuck between his car and the drive-thru wall at a McDonald's in Tooele, Utah. Apparently he was reaching down to grab some money that had blown outside when his foot slipped off the brake and the car started moving forward. His head was stuck between the wall and his car, eventually knocking him unconscious. All jokes aside this was a horrific accident and one that could have ended horribly.

Luckily, it didn't. Police and fire fighters showed up and staged a dramatic rescue, at least as far as drive-thru rescues go. They smashed in the passenger window to take the car out of drive and then physically shoved it backwards. The man involved is said to be recovering at a Salt Lake City hospital.

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