Man and Corvette Get Washed Away

A man and his C6 Corvette are no match for Mother Nature.

There’s sometimes a certain bond a man or women has with their car. In good times and bad, man and machine go many places together, occasionally an adventure, and when called upon, machine can very often save its owner’s life. For a 70-year old man from Arizona and his C6 Corvette, it was recently a matter of life and death and the car managed to keep its proud owner safe and sound. If you haven’t heard, some regions of Arizona were the victims of severe weather that included two inches of rain in just two hours last Sunday.

Flash flooding in the Greater Phoenix area happened shortly thereafter and the Corvette owner found himself caught smack dab in the middle of the rising waters. He and his C6 ‘Vette were washed off the road together for quite a considerable distance. More than likely, the owner tried to dodge the flooding by driving through it, but Mother Nature, as always, prevailed. The man escaped without injury but his ‘Vette, well, the images speak for themselves.

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