Man Caught On Video Destroying Rapper's Cars In California


The hunt is on.

At the beginning of September, California-based rapper The Game made headlines for his charitable efforts by donating to fans through his Robin Hood Charity. However, whilst he was hard at work away from home with that charity, disaster struck at the hip hop star's residence. CCTV footage just released on The Game's Instagram shows a young man vandalizing luxury vehicles in the rapper's driveway. The damage to the vehicles was extensive and apparently all of the cars' windows were smashed.

Although we can't understand what would motivate someone to deface someone else's cars, we have little doubt that the culprit will be brought to justice due to the clarity of the video that caught him in the act. According to The Game's Instagram, the suspect "drives a white Audi truck, has blondish/brown curly hair & is about 6'0 tall & skinny."

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