Man Couldn't Steal C6 Vette Because He Can't Drive Stick

This is one of those stories you just can't make up.

You hear about things like this happening from time to time, but the case involving this particular Florida car thief is particularly delightful. Here’s what happened: Annas Abdel-Khaliq nearly stole a 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport while it was sitting in a service shop. He managed to get in and start the car up, but only drove 100 feet before his inability to drive a manual gearbox caught up with him.

A sheriff’s deputy who happened to be present ordered him out of the vehicle. Abdel-Khaliq, in his infinite wisdom, refused. The deputy then went over to the car and opened the driver’s door, at which time he unbuckled Abdel-Khaliq’s seatbelt and disengaged the clutch. And it gets even better. Abdel-Khaliq then grabbed a steel bar he had on him and struck the deputy, who managed to defend himself. The two continued to struggle as Abdel-Khaliq was removed from the car. A fellow deputy then showed up as Abdel-Khaliq attempted to flee on foot. He didn’t get far because that deputy pepper sprayed him. If only Abdel-Khaliq knew how to drive stick.

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