Man Crashes 'Free' Lamborghini Murcielago After Only 6 Hours

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Is this a case of insurance fraud or simply bad driving?

So here's the story that's been all over the automotive news in the past day or so: a Frito-Lay truck driver named David Dopp from Utah won a Lamborghini Murcielago in a 'Joe Schmo' contest at a convenience store back in November. Within six hours after taking delivery of the supercar, he crashes it. Before that even happened, he was stopped by the police for (obviously) driving too fast. Following that, he spun out of control after hitting a patch of black ice and went some 75 feet off of the road.

Reports indicate that he was going somewhere between 40-50 mph in a 35 mph zone. Remember, driving a Murcielago is not the same as a Frito-Lay delivery truck, no matter how good of a driver one claims to be. And he's claiming to be a good one. But according to reports coming from Jalopnik, insurance fraud may have been a key motive. Here's why: in order to be able to afford the car insurance, Dopp had to put his house up for collateral. And according to a Jalopnik tipster, he's hoping the car is totaled in order to get the insurance payout, which comes to $300k. If it gets repaired, he'll lose "$100k to a wrecked title."

This same tipster also claims he was going to sell the car regardless because the taxes, which could be over $100k, were too high anyway. Jalopnik is also claiming that Dopp first tried to sell the Lambo to Jay Leno before the wreck happened. So is this fraud? It's hard to prove, but the moral of the story is that people who can't afford to buy a supercar in the first place (or anything beyond their means, for that matter), simply shouldn't accept it even if it is for "free".

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