Man Having Trouble Selling $3.5 Million Mansion, Throws in Ferrari or Hummer to Sweeten Deal

The price is the same, but now you get a free used car.

The house you see here is for sale, and has been for some time. The property in Boca Raton, Florida, is listed at $3.5 million, and the owner says that he has recently put $1 million into the interior decoration alone. This decorating style is described as “Moroccan”, although there are quite a few more Buddha statues than you would tend to see in Morocco, and having a chandelier “inspired by the Taj Mahal” doesn’t really make sense in this context either.

Nevertheless, we do believe that it was expensive, even if the origin and tastefulness could be called into question. But since the owner is having trouble unloading the 10,000 square foot residence, he has decided to sweeten the pot by offering either a Ferrari 360 Spider or a slantnose Hummer H1 for free with the house. Of course, neither of these are especially valuable cars in comparison to the cost of the house. Optimistically, one could value the Ferrari at about 3% of its cost. Although it is a nice extra, you would definitely have to already be about to buy the place for that to make the difference.

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