Man Jumps On Lamborghini Aventador SV, Owner Serves Fist To His Face

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Wouldn't you do the same?

With the death of Vine-the social media site responsible for forcing users to share their stories, attempts at humor and entertainment, or lives one seven-second clip at a time-the term "do it for the Vine" fell out of mainstream language. But that doesn't mean people have stopped doing the kinds of foolish acts they'd pull off for the camera when trying to get Internet famous on Vine. Case in point, this wise guy that decided it'd be a good idea to jump on the hood of a Lamborghini Aventador SV in downtown San Francisco.

After laying his shoes on the hood, he proceeds to run towards the back of the car before jumping off and scurrying away. The owner, wearing red pants to match the Lambo's paint job, emerges from the low-slung cockpit too late to catch the offender. But that's not the last time they cross paths.

High off his success the first time around, our supercar jumper tries the stunt again, this time attempting to leap onto the tall rear wing on the SV rather than onto the low front end. The owner was ready this time, grabbing the man and slamming him to the ground. After an exchange of words, the runner gets up and is quickly punched in the face by the owner. The fact that onlookers had trouble waking the man could mean it was a one-punch knockout. Despite the downtown drama, the video description does point to one curious fact that could prove it's all staged. Translating from French using Google Translate, the description mentions how the windshield seems to warp as if made of plastic when the man steps on it.

For a supercar that's packed with a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 pushing 740 horsepower to all four wheels, one would think the windshield is stronger, if anything to put up with wind rushing towards it at 217 mph. On the other hand, the two camera angles seem to come from different Instagram accounts. That, along with the owner's understandable rage, provides a clue that argue this video is real.

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