Man Makes Epic Commercial For Fiance's 1996 Accord, Raises $150k

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The 1996 Accord, "for people who have life figured out, and just need to get somewhere."

There's a million and one reasons that drivers get rid of their old cars, but usually when a metal slice of pride and joy sitting on four wheels has aged to the point that the odometer spells impending doom and guarantees a low sale price, there's not much effort to put into the sale process. Just a few pictures, a quick write-up on Craigslist, and soon you'll be a few thousand dollars richer. That's how it's supposed to go if you're getting rid of, say, a 1996 Honda Accord with 141,000 miles on it.

Not so for the maker of this piece of YouTube gold. The man behind this 1:11 minute advertisement is the possessor of enviable marketing skills. Looking to utilize these, his girlfriend, the owner of the Accord, asked him to sell the car. That may go down as one of the better decisions she's made aside from choosing to date him in the first place.

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To help her sell the car, her loving boyfriend went above and beyond, creating an advertisement that Honda's own marketing team couldn't replicate even if it tried. The video is well worth a watch, with quotes like "a car for people who have life figured out and just need a way to get somewhere" or, "luxury is a state of mind." This simple and heartfelt message got bidders in a frenzy, with the video racking up nearly 3.5 million views and the bid on the Accord ballooning to a high of $150,000. Unfortunately, that kind of bid on a 1996 Accord seemed too good to be true for one Ebay fraud specialist. They promptly took the posting down, forcing the seller to repost it where the current bid, as of this writing, sits at $1,475. Yes, life can be unfair.

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