Man, Nissan Sure Knows How To Throw A Weird-Ass Juke Party

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No strippers. Just lots of strips of paper.

Five years ago Nissan revealed the Juke and it quickly became a surprise success. No doubt it looks weird but it's actually a decent crossover. So Nissan wanted to celebrate the current model's 5th birthday by doing something, well, kind of strange yet cool – like the Juke itself. In collaboration with British artist Owen Gildersleeve, a life-size Juke was created completely out of paper. The Origami Juke is really a paper structure that used 2,000 folded pieces of paper and took 200 hours to make. It's well detailed, down to the wheel fenders, lights and grille.

Why make a Juke out of paper? Because Nissan claims the best ideas start with a blank piece of paper. Get it? And it's World Origami Day. More than 700,000 Jukes were sold in Europe since 2010, becoming the continent's best-selling compact crossover. Makes sense. We always knew Europeans were weird.


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