Man Says Buddhist Amulet Saved Him From Horror Lambo Crash

Supercar split into after 100-mph impact with tree.

In Thailand, Buddhist amulets are believed to bring people good luck, and this story of a Lamborghini owner surviving a 100-mph horror crash will only strengthen that belief. Speeding home through heavy rain in his Gallardo, Pitak Veangsima had just hours before the accident purchased a rare amulet worth tens of thousands of dollars. A friend had urged him to wear it in order to keep him safe. The impact with a tree left the 36 million Baht (over $1 million) supercar in two pieces, while the driver walked away without a scratch.

The owner will doubtless credit the amulet for saving his life. We’d like to think Lamborghini engineers also had something to do with it. Check out the aftermath here. Hat tip to Nitchy!

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