Man Sells Acura Integra Type R For $51,000, Crashes It During Final Drive

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This is not how to do things.

Car crashes are caused by all manner of different situations. There are drivers that try too hard at the track or too hard at showing off. Some drivers lose control because of having no experience with a car of high-performance breeding. But while the average person tries to avoid risk by any reasonable means, some just want one more thrill, and that's a recipe for disaster.

Sadly, that's the situation we're presented with today after coming across news of the crash of a 1998 Acura Integra Type R. It's particularly sad because the classic car was a mint example with just 85,000 miles. So what happened? The car was on auction and sold for $51,000 (more than a new Civic Type R goes for) but the owner wanted one last blast in it before handing over the keys. Insert expletive here.


It's unclear what the cause of the crash was, but the CarFax report says that the Integra Type R was involved in a "sideswipe collision" and that both the front and rear of the car were damaged in the accident. It's unclear who was at fault for the collision, but in truth, the owner of the car can blame nobody but themselves. Obviously, the seller never got their cash and the buyer never got their car, only the refunded fees from the auction house, which in this case was Bring a Trailer. Fortunately, there is a ray of sunshine in this gloomy situation.

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According to the CarFax report, although the airbag was deployed in the crash, the damage is in between being minor and moderate, not severe. That suggests no serious structural damage, a healthy motor, and damage only to parts that can be replaced. More good news comes from reports that nobody was injured, but again, we have to say that whoever the Texan was who crashed his car after selling it to someone else, he's going to regret this for a very long time. Sure, the car can be fixed, but even if it goes up for auction again, there'll be another comment on the CarFax report that will all but guarantee a lower selling price. Stay home, stay safe.

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