Man Sells Left Testicle To Buy A New Nissan 370Z

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We wish this wasn't true.

How far would you be willing to go to ow your dream car? Would you, for example, be willing to sell your house? A kidney, perhaps? What about (for guys only) a testicle? One complete nut job (pun intended) did just that in order to buy a Nissan 370Z. According to Australia's nova96.9, a fella named Mark Parisi sold his left testicle for $35,000 Australian dollars which, conveniently (or painfully) enough, is the exact price of a new 370Z Down Under.


Parisi made an appearance on the TV show "The Doctors" and admitted his, shall we say, ballsy move. "It's a serious car for serious drivers," Parisi said. Right, but is it worth selling half of your manhood to own one? Couldn't he just have saved his money instead? Of course, but he didn't. It psychologically hurts even writing about this, let alone thinking about having a testicle removed. But really, a Nissan 370Z? That's what Parisi gave up a nut for? Not saying it's a bad car because it's not. It's just not, in our humble opinion, worth the price Parisi paid. And with that painful thought, we certainly hope Parisi is enjoying his new purchase. Hopefully he's having a ball in his new ride.


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