Man Takes A Beating From Hail Storm To Save His Supra

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Self-sacrifice saves Supra from serious storm.

The Toyota GR Supra is already starting to build a legacy that the A80 model would be proud of. Like its predecessor, the A90 Supra is proving highly tuneable, with figures of 1,000 horsepower no longer uncommon. Nevertheless, the A80, or Mk.4, as it is colloquially known, is the example that everyone really wants, and some are willing to pay over $200,000 for the right model in the right condition. Once you get your iconic Supra, you'd likely do just about anything to protect it, and for one Australian owner, that means even putting your body on the line. Take a look at the TikTok video below to see what we mean.


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The man clearly feared that his classic sports car would be damaged by hail and used everything at his disposal to protect the car from the elements - a blanket, some boxes, some flattened cardboard, and even his body. At first, he simply appears to be holding the cardboard in place to prevent the wind from blowing it off his treasured Supra, but then he drapes himself over the hood to try cover more of the car. As any car lover can attest, seeing even the slightest ding or scratch on your car is painful, so we get this man's commitment to protecting the car from the storm.

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On reflection, however, the man's actions seem like they may have been overkill. Without any headgear or a long-sleeve top on, the man is clearly not in pain as he covers his car with his body, indicating that the storm isn't all that severe. If the hail was coming down hard enough to actually dent the metal, we're pretty sure that he wouldn't be able to withstand more than a few seconds of being out in the storm. The owner also mentions in the comments that the car survived unscathed. So yes, this man may be a touch too obsessive about looking after his car, but then again, we'd probably act without thinking if we owned a Supra that had to brave the Australian elements.

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