Man Teaches Dog How To Drive During 109-MPH Police Chase

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Police were surprised to find a pit bull behind the wheel during a high-speed pursuit.

With everyone self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic, many roads and highways are deserted right now. But some drivers are taking advantage of the empty streets to stage illegal street races. In Toronto, police recently caught drivers using an empty highway to street race during the pandemic. But that's got nothing on what we're sharing with you today.

According to CNN, multiple people called 911 after witnessing a man driving erratically in an old Buick Park Avenue, a predecessor to the Buick LaCrosse, and hitting two cars. Luckily, there were no major injuries, but the driver failed to stop for both accidents.

Washington State Patrol Subaru

The Washington State Patrol caught up with the suspect, but one trooper was in for a surprise when he noticed a pit bull sat in the front seat while the driver steered for the dog. A high-speed chase ensued, with speeds reaching up to 109 mph.

At one point, the suspect drove onto Centennial Trail, which is usually filled with pedestrians and bicyclists. If everyone wasn't at home self-isolating from COVID-19, the driver could have caused multiple injuries or fatalities. The chase came to an end when police used spike strips to puncture the car's tires. During his arrest, the suspect told troopers he was "trying to teach his dog how to drive."

Subaru Subaru

"I wish I could make this up," trooper Heather Axtman said. "I've been a trooper for almost 12 years and wow, I've never heard this excuse. I've been in a lot of high speed chases, I've stopped a lot of cars, and never have I gotten an excuse that they were teaching their dog how to drive."

Among the long list of charges the man is facing include reckless endangerment, hit and run, driving under the influence and felony eluding. The dog, on the other hand, was taken to an animal shelter.

Subaru Subaru 2017-2019 Buick LaCrosse Front Side View Buick
2017-2019 Buick LaCrosse Front Side View
Source Credits: CNN

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