Man Thanks Tesla For Saving His Life After Stolen Car Smashes Into Model X

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It's a testament to the design of the Tesla Model X that this guy survived a crash at such speed.

The Tesla Model X may not be renowned for its build quality having suffered from issues affecting the parking brake and gullwing doors, but Tesla has a solid reputation when it comes to safety ratings. As a testament to the SUV's structural rigidity, one man was recently involved in a serious crash involving a Tesla Model X and credits the design of the electric SUV for saving his life. And this time, Autopilot wasn't to blame. The night before his wedding, John Tran rented a Tesla Model X ahead of his big day to use as a wedding car.

After enjoying a rehearsal dinner, he pulled out of a parking lot and was hit by a speeding stolen car which was evading police at around 65 mph. The car plowed into the driver's side of the Model X, sending it between 20 and 30 feet from its stationary position. Despite the severity of the crash, everyone walked away including the driver of the stolen car who fled the scene and is still at large. "All airbags deploy and I'm seeing nothing but smoke in the cabin," he posted on Instagram recounting the scene of the accident. "At this point, I try to open the door by hand, but it's stuck, and my right hand is swollen like a pillow." Tran soon managed to escape and was driven to an emergency room for a checkup.

The crash left him with a torn ligament in his right hand and a sore ankle, but he was otherwise unharmed. The fire department said he was lucky to survive a crash at that speed, to which he thanked Tesla for "building an amazing life-saving machine." While he couldn't use the Model X for his wedding the following day, he was so impressed with the electric SUV he is considering buying one for him and his wife. The Model X was awarded highest safety rating of any SUV thanks to its low center of gravity due to the placement of the battery on the floor across the chassis, which probably helped save Tran's life.

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